Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Favourite Toy

Are you on instagram? I love instagram. ( I am there under mybeardedpigeon if you want to find me) If you don't know what I am talking about it is an iphone app. instagram allows you to easily add great effects to the photo's you take with your iphone then you load them onto instagram and people can comment on them or like them. I really love this new medium, I love that I can take photos and make them look really old and square with the few clicks. I love seeing the fantastic photos people take just with their phones. No photoshop no fancy lens just with their phone and an app or two.  So when Kellie  tweeted about stickygram where you can turn your instagram photos into are mine:

Do you love them? I do. I love that this kind of photography is the square photos. I think they make every picture look better. So being in love with making my photos look like they were taken in the 70's led me to Lomography. 

I have been looking at these little cameras that look like toys and use FILM for a while but have not been able to justify buying another camera. Lucky for me some friends of mine gave me a voucher for my birthday to a very trendy clothes shop. I keep going in there admiring the clothes and shoes but not feeling anywhere near cool enough to wear any of them. When I was near this shop yesterday I saw the LOMOGRAPHY cameras. One of only a handful of stockists in Australia. The lovely woman working there was very excited about them and knew the person who bought the voucher for me etc etc and well, I had the voucher which pretty much paid for the camera and some film and so this is my new little buddy. She is the Diana mini and I think I love her!

Lomography is exciting me! You get 36 photos from a role of film or 72 half frames. So you can set it to half  then take 2 shots one after the other and they become one photo like this: 
You can also use a tripod and long exposures and get this kind of stuff:


The possibilities are endless of course... and you can also not wind it on and get double exposures and all kinds of great stuff. I am playing with it at the moment but I will show you when I get my first role of film developed! 
Do you miss film? the not knowing what the photos will look like? The look of old photos from your childhood? 

....and thanks to everyone who has bought cushions in the last few days! the voucher still works- until 8th November 2011 use the coupon code FRIENDOFMSCHOOKY for a 10% discount. You can only  use the coupon code at checkout - you will see where it says add a coupon code.


  1. oh no, something else for me to get distracted with. Yes I downloaded the app!! oops... I do love the funky things you can do with the iPhone .

  2. I thought the stickygram magnets were excellent! Definitely putting my thought into photos so I can do another order.

    And a Diana ~ how exciting. I love film ~ the surprise when you get it developed. It takes some getting used to but is lots of fun and a great new challenge!

  3. I downloaded the Instagram app too but I haven't even started playing with it yet... how slack am I??! I seem to have problems working these things out but it is very exciting seeing the magnets etc. Yours are fantastic :)
    I have been secretly coveting one of those Lomo-thingys for ages but have baulked at the price and inconvenience of going back to film etc.... and lo and behold my big girl has discovered them and has been begging for one the last couple of months ;)
    Maybe one will end up in our household after all if I can convince Santa!
    Have fun with your beautiful Diana, Cath :) Kx

  4. Ooooh, I love this post! I have just started to play with instagram on my husband's iphone but this makes me want my own for maximum photo-ops! Those stickies would make great Xmas presents. And I have read about Dianas before but had no idea they were so cute!

  5. Someone suggested asking guests at our wedding (next year) to all take photo's using their favourite app/ instagram setting to get a range of nice pics... I love that even the novice can make something beautiful!

  6. How funny, I was on about instagram over at my blog today too. I guess we are both a bit smitten! I love your new camera, how fancy and ace. And big thanks for the magnet tip, I'm so going to have a look at that link, could be great Xmas pressies. Hope you have a happy Monday xo

  7. These are a fab idea..going to have to have a squizz myself...I can see myself losing a couple of hours at least ; ) Oh..btw..did you print get to you alright? Anna x

  8. What a totally yummy post Cath!

    Really liked the idea of instagram but it seemed to be everywhere and felt a bit like eating too much chocolate. You know too much of something rich. But those little magnets are just too gorgeous to resist!

    I recently was given a Diana as a prezzy, can't wait to take it out for a proper whirl : )
    x Alisa

    ps. thanks for your sweet comment : )

  9. I have an android phone... so no instagram for me :(

    Loving lomography photos. There is store just like what you describe across the road from my doctor. Everytime I have an appointment I make sure I'm too early so that there is time to hang out in the store looking at all the cameras. Your so lucky. Be sure to take an ace photo of your friend.

  10. OH! The one in the bottom right. OH! She's gorgeous.

  11. oooh I love those!! why must you make me WANT an iphone.
    they look great. I have a hasselblad tucked away at mums which I used through uni & takes perfect square pics with film...oh I miss it!
    and I also have one of those little toy cameras. isn't it funny that it feels like film has been gone for ages.

    have fun much fun!

  12. liking the new look of your blog, and LOVING the new cushions - hangry is definitely an emotion I experience! excellent stuff. :)

  13. Oh I really do have to play more with instagram - though there is the fear that I could get rather addicted to it.....

    Love you images and your lomoography camera!

    BTW, on a completely different note, I finally got around to writing that Coeliac post we were chatting about a while back. Here's the link, but feel free to delete this comment, I hate the idea of spamming someone's blog.

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