Friday, June 29, 2012


It is national disgrace that this countries politians cannot come up with a real way to save the lives of hundreds of people. Nearly 100 people have DIED this week trying to escape persecution. 100 people. DEAD. It makes me cry -out of anger and frustration that the focus seems to be on stopping the boats.

I say:
Let the boats come.The amount of asylum seekers we accept is appalling by world standards
Let us find a way to safely house people while their applications are processed.
There is no queue, in some countries there is not even a functioning government.
The overwhleming majority of people seeking asylum in Australia arrive each year by plane.
A few hundred arrive by boat.
The fact that there are young children on these boats surely just demonstrates the desperation of their parents. Imagine how desperate you would have to be, how bad things are in your home country to get on a boat with your small children. Imagine how frightened you would be?

And to  the politians: you don't get to have your 6 weeks Winter break until you fix this horrifc mess. Fix it permanently. Fix it in a way that ensures our fellow human beings are treated in a way that does not abuse their human rights.

Just let them stay.  


  1. Couldn't agree more.

    Politicians in tears but they still can't work together for a solution.

  2. I so agree Cath. I am ashamed to be Australian. Why have our politicians lost all their compassion - these are people we are talking about. Some days I am so relieved to be living abroad, I can pretend that Australia is a wonderful place, when in fact, I feel the "leaders" have really lost their way.

  3. So much yes!
    I am anxious about this all the time.
    Something has to be done.
    It's so fucked up right now.

  4. and the word SOLUTION! The Pacific solution the Naru solution . I thought the last SOLUTION was the FINAL one Hitler had in mind! The language offends me.

  5. Cath, you have put into perfect words the jumbled thoughts I have had this week. I just don't understand why EVERYONE isn't jumping up and down over this.

  6. im with you.

    for me it's a simple issue. real people. REAL PEOPLE!!???

    yes, let them come, let them say.

  7. YES, yes, yes , yes Yes!!! you're awesome xo

  8. Yes!
    It's seriously fucked up. Such a small amount of asylum seekers come here compared to elsewhere.
    They're real people!
    Let them stay indeed.
    Gish you're a good sort. x

  9. That would "gosh". Gosh you're a good sort. x

  10. Yes, so distressing and so frustrating watching them all play politics.

  11. Absolutely YES! but it hasn't happened that way, has it... :(

  12. I rarely comment on blogs but I can't not this time so I can agree and support all you have stated. Let them stay.


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