Sunday, June 17, 2012

worlds slowest cross stitch

I had the idea for this cross stitch at Christmas when I saw this witty phrase as a FB group or something like that or maybe on Pinterest...? I am going to hang it on Busy's bedroom door.

I thought it applied perfectly to life with Busy, who does love a little bit of sparkle, as many small ones do. But it has taken me so long to finish. I planned to do the whole thing in glitter thread but seriously that stuff is evil. 

I started using it and thought SURELY I am doing something major wrong, I consulted a brilliant embroidery friend and she asked her sister who is also an amazing stitcher and I asked everyone I knew who stitched,  I was made to feel better by the groan type responses when I started asking people.  Basically: the stuff is "difficult" to say the last, some people used expletives, and god knows I did when I was trying to use it. 

One suggestions was to combine it with normal thread so  say two strands glitter and one normal and it is apparently easier  to use but it just frays and knots, even with thread conditioner and even trying to get the stuff onto the needle caused frustration and much hurrumphing and sighing, it took all the fun out of it! 

But now its finished which means I am back on the hook. Crocheted a blanket  I started for Busy many moons ago, she remembered it was for her ( I had plans to make it cot sized for the new one) but she busted me and claimed  (rightfully) full ownership so I told her it will be lap blanket sized.  I should have used a bigger hook/ different stitch as it is taking me FOREVER. 

I am determined to finish it by the time the new one arrives. 


  1. That's so funny - I LOVE that Busy remembered and claimed ownership of her blanket! :) and yes I get very frustrated too when I use glitter floss - it is evil stuff ;) Can't wait to see Busy's blanket. Also hope you're feeling well, Cath, and that everything's going along swimmingly! :) Kx

  2. That glitter thread sounds like a nightmare!
    But looks great!!

    I'm making a crochet blanket at the mo too,
    is supposed to be king sized for the bed. But I think its going to end up on the back of the couch!!x

  3. I love it! My girl likes a bit of sparkle too.
    Tried that glitter thread once, then banished it to the kid craft stash for necklaces and such.

    I haven't crocheted in ages, been wondering if I can pick it up in the midst of summer, it's not looking good.

    I love how kids forget something you told them 5 minutes ago, yet remember exactly how you said that "maybe we can go to the big aquarium this summer break" 6 months ago. Well it is technically summer break as of 2 days ago...yup, she's right.

  4. That's such a great saying and I've never seen it before. In cross-stitch, it's gold! Glittery gold! x

  5. Perfect for little (and big) girls everywhere!

  6. That stuff is a nightmare to machine stitch too - but the effect you got was totally worth it. Brilliant!

  7. Someone in your condition should not be using that vile 'thread'. Working with that stuff is enough to prompt a conniption onset. 'Tis the Work of Satan...

    (hope you're travelling most excellently, Lovely).

  8. Well as much a pain that sparkle thread sounds like it is, it looks superb!! Hope you are feeling it's worth the effort, i certainly think so.
    Can't wait to see the crochet blanket when it's done, and being a fan of the fine hook, i feel your pain, ( the big ones are so clunky on my tiny can't play piano hands) xo

  9. Beware sparkly thread for machine OR hand stitching. Evil, evil stuff.

    But little girls and sparkles... that's something different altogether. Pure joy... (And may it last a lifetime!)

  10. Ugh! So obviously the glittery thready stuff is as evil as the powdery stuff. Yuk! I have banned it all from my house which was interesting recently when asparkly invitation arrived and had to stay out side.
    Super excited to see the blanket. x

  11. Ah, I can relate, having decided to use a stretchy, glittery thread in my embroidery machine for my daughter's fairy on her new PJs.

    Quick unpicking machine embroidery officially sucks big time.

  12. I love that you managed to finish this for Busy in spite of the incredible frustration it caused (and thank you for the warning - I will try not to ever stitch with that glitter thread!). I also love that Busy remembered your /her crochet blanket project! Hope you're doing well Cath, Catherine xoxo

  13. There is thread conditioner????


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