Saturday, February 13, 2010

Green friendly showcase

I had a pleasant surprise this morning when I opened up a message in Etsy. Usually I see a message from someone I don't know and I groan thinking, cynically, but with good reason "what do you bloody want?" (I have complained about the bizarre requests I get via Etsy (- for example "will you donate a large softie to our school fete" in some small town in America, "we will tell everyone and it will be great promotion"- Um NO! ). this before in case you are new to this blog)...

So imgaine my shock and excitement when I see that it was from a fantastic website called cosa verde- which means "green thing" in Spanish. They were inviting little old me to be part of their fantastical website. The site is run by Liz and Jeff- pictured below- obviously I didn't tell them that my love of facial hair did spark my interest further when I actually stumbled across the site a while ago and favourited ( ?is that a word) / put it in my shops/ blogs to stalk folder....

So whats so good about it? It is a showcase and  it costs the seller very little and can be free, and if you do have to pay you can donate part of your fees to charities like Doctors without Borders- you choose from a list AND they plants ten trees for every store that is opened. All the items are linked to outside stores, like Etsy, Big cartel etc so you don't have to set up complex storefronts you can just cut and paste from your already set up shop .... They only take people by submission so they can have some control over it and keep it small, UNLIKE Etsy which is such a mammoth beast these days I sometimes wonder why I bother...

You can browse by different categories- organic, reusable, repurposed, recyclable, conflict fee and cruelty free or browse by product categories . You can save on fees by referring people and earn points towards your fees by doing trades with other sellers!  ( I am still in the introductory offer and 3 months cost me $1- yes one dollar)
Its so green and good... and so nice to be part of something so ethical. I am so excited to be involved! Its like advertising in an ethical way!
Have a look  and if you make green things and want to know more email me and I can refer you! 
I know a certain someone who was thinking of making some very lovely dresses out of repurposed/ upcycled fabric and even thinking about selling them online which she should methinks....


  1. What a delightful surprise indeed. They sound like a great organisation.
    I'll have to keep you away from my husband, he's sporting quite the beard right now, not that i've seen it, but when i do it should be quite untamed. Love Posie

  2. Ooo, this sounds REALLY GOOD! I might drop you an email!

  3. We're just home from a HUGE farmer's market weekend in Melb and I just put the girls to bed and am blog surfing to look at pretty pictures and not think and I saw your blog is about something ethical and environmental and good and online and I am very interested but too tired to work out what its really all about just now. So how about I have another look in the morning and we'll chat then. Also I'm a bit dumb to sort all the logistics of an online stall out so I have a lesson with Meg booked for early this week.
    I hope things are happy over there in the land of the chooky.
    Oh and some of my friends have just moved to your town with thir 3 boys. Maybe you'll run into them.

  4. That is a great site - bookmarked.
    good luck with it.

  5. Hi Kath,
    It's mumseekslife here and I was wondering if you might mind passing on my new website details to the site as I am making a very green product - completely compostable - for children. My website is


  6. Cosa Verde sounds like a great organization - thanks for giving us the scoop and providing a link =-)

    good luck with your new collaboration and keep us posted on how it goes

  7. Just catching up on your blog. Congratulations, sounds like a wonder opportunity (which of course you deserve!)

  8. I love cosa verde, I was thinking about listing some recycled bunting a while ago, but didn't realise it's by invite only now.
    wish you all the best with it.


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