Friday, February 12, 2010

Thankyou- Sleep update

Firstly, let me say thankyou so very much to everyone who commented on this post about Busy and her sleep situation. I was quite overwelmed by the respose ( in a good way)  and I just couldn't believe the amazing resource this blog became... I know I could have done a google search about sleep and toddlers but there would be soooo much crapola to wade through... I think I replied to everyone who wrote and I really appreciate that many of you took the time to actually write down some really long comments- and some of you even offered to lend me books - you guys are just to great.... it warmed my cockles it did, and for that I say Thankyou Very Muchly.

So. We have decided to gaffa tape her mouth shut.

Not really.

But the solution was very simple. We have cut out the day sleep. It has actually been OK. She has not been nearly as cranky as she has other times when she hasn't slept and she may be a little bit more emotional but it's really not bad at all. We just have to get her doing something she likes... There may still be times where she has a sleep in the afternoon and that will mean she will be up late- but if its not EVERY night then it doesn't bother us. If she does have a sleep in the afternoon then we are not even going to try to put her to sleep until 9pm.

Basically what I have come to realise is she has a 12 hour clock. She needs to sleep for 12 hours in every 24hours.  And really we can't fight that. I can't make her sleep longer. I don't want the stress of trying. She will either sleep 2 hours during the day and 10 hours overnight or 12 hours overnight. It really is quite simple. It is her rythym.  We aren't laying down with her anymore, just sitting on the bed, thats helping, but because she now goes to sleep in about 15 mins- after stories and cuddles and all that stuff -its all good.


  1. Very nice!

    My littlest boy is the same. If he sleeps through the day he'll still go to bed happily but he'll lay awake singing and having a good old time for at least 2 hours! I prefer a little bit of tiredness in the afternoon and quickly off to sleep at night :)


  2. Fun & games learning to read your children!! Even early primary schoolers need 11 hours of sleep, their days are so action packed, it's not wonder they need to revive. My 4 were sleepers, ahhh, i know i was lucky!! Love Posie

  3. So glad it's all working out and everyone is happy :)

  4. Oh I am so glad you found a nice soloution! Le Punk still has a nap in the afternoon - which makes for some preeeeeety late nights sometimes, but I don't usually mind. Unless. Like last night.

    She went to bed at 11 & woke up at 5am. *sigh*

  5. Isn't it crazy! Trying to work it all out is really quite exhausting! All ours were completely different, what worked with one didn't work with another so I'm a strong believer in doing whatever works for you!!! Pleased to hear things are working out.

  6. Sounds like you've found an excellent solution! I'm glad to hear things have improved. And so quickly!

  7. Super job! I'm so glad to hear it's going well. You were really good to reply to all of us - thanks.

  8. Happy Friday Follow! Found you on there list. Following you. Stop by me if you get the time. Don't forget to enter my contest, "NAME THAT BAND"! Have a good weekend!

  9. sounds like a very happy ending! (or beginning.

  10. oh I remember those days...! isn't it good when you get it sorted? well done. love the sleepy pigs Cath - and the gaffer tape mad me laugh out loud!!!

  11. i'm glad you followed my suggestion of gaffa tape..:)
    seriously, I prefer if my 2.5 yr old doesn't sleep duing the day, yes sometimes it is quite an emotionally charged afternoon, but he goes to sleep so much quicker & without hassle.
    good on you for finding a happy medium, goodluck with all the rest kids have to offer us!

  12. Hi Cathy,
    a litte late on reading this post, but I am really pleased that you have reached a workable solution for all of you.


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