Saturday, September 19, 2009

I am all teary..........

Yesterday after a really full on day I arrived home to a package from Leonie from Raglan Guld. A while back Leonie mentioned her son Finn, school was having a fete and someone had sent something to her to be donated to the fete. I thought I would send her down a wabbit ( like the ones I sell on Etsy)Little Finn has special needs - I was telling Leonie about a little project I have in mind for a very beautiful little boy I know who is battling cancer- he is 3 years old.... I have some ideas about doing something for him... something big... but I am still nutting out the details ...( more later I promise) so she sent me something as a "payback".........

Leonie, I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful chook and the most beautiful and personal note that came with it. I bawled my eyes out at your kindness- I am crying again now about it- (and I am not even pre- menstrual) I know you know it will be passed on to the right little person.

But this brings me to my next point. I had no idea about the sense of community I would feel when I started this blog. I was talking to Jodi (via email) about my secret special project and she brought up a really good point: Are these crafty types, whose blogs I devour, where they nice before they started crafting or has crafting and blogging made them nicer???

I am constantly amazed at the sense of community and willingness to share - where to get good supplies, patterns and tutorials, sharing ideas and inspiration. I just love it. I love that some blogs I read, have me giggling before I have even started reading... it is a lovely little community. I so often see posts about people getting sent little presents etc. It does make me feel like I am part of something big, a big community that places emphasis on being kind and sharing and being dedicated to supporting handmade- but also that sense of community that our grandmothers had.

It is what makes us crafty types rather special I think.

If you are feeling in a giving mood and want to help some kids out who really need a little bit of something special in their lives- it would be great to make a softie and send it over here: Softies for the Mirabel Foundation, organised by Pip from Meet Me at Mikes


  1. Smiles...oh Cath, I have been making some little rainbow purses to send down to Mirabel for a while now, just working on a lil teddy for each, but the pattern I have is for a 3" teddy and my eyes are struggling! I totally agree about the sense of community in blogging, and I think maybe the answer to your question about crafty types lies in another question...which came first...chicken or...oh you know the rest!

  2. What a lovely post and I love that chook !I'm glad you asked that question out loud about crafters , Ive often thought the same thing .

  3. The sense of community that I feel when blogging has become so important to me. I'm currently "drafting" my 100th post in my mind - and the sense of community that I feel will certainly feature as a theme.
    Thanks for being a part of my day - visiting you @ your blog is important to me.

  4. A lovely post Cath. Bloggers are awesome and together we all contribute to an amazing online community, who inspire, support and encourage each other. Not to mention the friendships that evolve. Blogging is great.


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