Saturday, July 31, 2010

How do you say Mr Magillicutty in Spanish?

Mr Magillicutty is on the Spanish DMC thread website- I don't know what it says but I get the feeling it is nice because they asked me and from what I can gather they are using him to show an example of the french knot.  I still cannot decide if he needs a wife or a dog.... at the moment he is hanging on the wall watching me when I walk past....
Have you entered my pig lovers birthday giveaway yet? It finishes this Friday...You know how it says you need to be a follower well if it gets to 399 I will not cope as I have a fear of the number 9-( have I told you this?) it makes me feel like I am standing on the edge of a cliff - the anticipation is to much - (are you backing away slowly yet...) So if you are reading this and it is 399 and you are not a follower please put me out of my misery....
Speaking of manners did you notice the poll results? ( look up there on the right) I tell ya, I was shocked that people thought it was rude, really shocked and sat back thinking about all the people I had possibly offended over the last...long time....oh well.... *sigh*

...this post really seems to be going downhill quickly.... Busy is sick... it is raining and it is going to be a long day... had to cancel the high tea this afternoon, missing out on cake is always devastating....


  1. Hi Cath!
    Love your work, I've been following you since I arrived in Australia but never felt brave enough to write you... but now I feel I can 'help' you with the Spanish DMC web: 'El punto de nudo o nudo francés es una técnica de bordado muy sencilla que normalmente se utiliza para hacer pequeños detalles en relieve como flores.
    Cath lo ha usado de una forma muy original para hacer una barba. El resultado nos parece muy interesante y vistoso'.
    The knot stich or French knot is a very simple stiching technique used to make embossed small details like flowers.
    Cath used it in a very original way to make a beard. The result is very interesting and eye-catching.

    I guessed you may have curiosity to know what they say.

    By the way, Happy Birthday!


  2. Poor Possum. Having to cancel your own Birthday High Tea. Only hope there's enough scrummy leftovers to tide you over. (Happy birthday Chook!)...

  3. "Punto de nudo" does bring up a strange image, and not one that I think Mr Magillicutty would entirely agree with considering his obvious conservative nature (or is he a closet skinny dipper?).

  4. Oh dear, how sad that you had to miss high tea. What a bummer!

  5. happy birthday missus!!! So sorry this is belated. hope it was a bundle of fun. it's true: 36 is a fine, fine age. wisdom, bring it on... xxx

  6. ohh, hope you manage a reschedule of your high tea!
    well done seniore M!

  7. So sorry you had to miss cake. But how exciting to have your work on the DMC site! That is exciting.

    Perhaps you will have to stretch your birthday out just a bit longer.

  8. What a shame to miss out on cake, hope Busy feels better.

    Mr Magillicutty looks great on the Spanish DMC site.

  9. You know what, I normally don't do the whole blog following thing as I stick them in my reader instead, but the whole fear of a particular number thing, well that just sucked me right on in. You see I have a fear of that number between 53 & 55, (see don't don't wanna even type it), so lets hope it jumps on past 399 lightning fast. :)


what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!