Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Copying update

Thank you to everyone for your kind words about my rattle being nicer. The item has been closed on madeit not sure if it sold or just closed- however the same rattle is still on etsy. I have actually confronted this same seller before and she said " I am so sorry , I have never seen yours etc etc etc I will take them down straight away, I am so embarrassed etc etc" . Its not just the wooden ring, it is the shape as well, basically its the cheek of it and being undercut, its breaking the "code' that as a handmade crafter I thought everyone adhered too- you don't rip each other off. Ironically she was the reason I actually wrote that post about copying a while ago and was wondering where to put it, here or on madeit forums etc. I have emailed her.

I feel like a bit of a four year old stamping my feet and having a tantrum so now that I am back home - this all happened this morning when I was in Sydney - a flight with an excited and thrilled to being flying and going home to see daddy 3 year old does put things in perspective-I am becoming calmer about it...and I am at the point of: Who cares? I like my rattles, I think they are so much better than those ones, who cares if she is copying? Or even if she is copying? I don't care anymore.  Mine are selling well, better than I ever could have hoped for- so why bother myself and get my knickers in a twist about it? It's not like I am planning on taking it to court or anything.... from here onwards and upwards.....


  1. Actually having the two photos so close together really shows how insipid hers is. Colour is great for kids and the eyes are friendly too. Cherrie

  2. agree with Cherie! yours is definitely a better kid product.
    glad you have calmed down.
    with all the ups & downs you have recently had I hope this isn't something you will stress about.
    give Busy a hug, it'll make you feel better ♥

  3. Good on you Cath - for sticking up for what's right and good and ethical!

  4. Oh yes, forget mimicry is the highest form of flattery, it's not, it's just plain unoriginal copy cat & for their financial gain, it sucks!!
    'tis such a big part of handmade & apart from stomping your feet you just have to be the best & keep updating the style & design & having the most gorgeous ones, customers will know!!
    I did see it on the Made It email & thought, oh, that round ring looks like Cath's . . . um, no.
    Deep breaths, love Posie

  5. Well said. You are right - there is a 'code' and usually it works well. I am happy for people to copy me if its for home or personal use. It's when you see your design up on etsy or made it then its gone way too far. (And I have only been copied once - please don't think I am sounding all precious and sought after, not at all).

  6. i am sick of copy cats too.. and i am sorry that something so original as your beautiful rattles has been so blatantly copied!


    Yours is so cute!

  7. so glad to see your not letting it effect you xx

  8. Don't let it get to you, love. She can't copy the love and care that went into designing this charming little product. That's why her's looks so flat and unexciting compared to your gorgeousness. x


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