Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Creative Space: 2010 an overveiw

I looked at all the things I have made over the last year, some of them featured in My Creative Space and really wondered - where did I find the time?  This isn't even everything I made this year,  I reckon I made at least 300 rattles for online and wholesale!  Which I am not saying to boast just saying to see it written down staring at me... which is kind of freaking me out!
Probably the highlight of my year craft- wise was winning the red category of the Feelin stitchy colour competiton with my deer head in red on linen . It meant so much to me to have people say they really loved it, and for a teensy moment I felt like... an artist...

I wanted to thank Kirsty for hosting My Creative Space as I feel like it sometimes kept me moving forward. I have been so inspired by so much not only Kirsty has made but so many others' whose blogs I read. I have seen some amazing stitching and sewing and general crafty ideas- it has been ace. I have been inspired to try things I would not have tried ( like zippers, shirring and French knots) had it not been for seeing you lovelies, my peers doing it and saying it wasn't that hard. So I wanted to say Thank you to you all, for reading, listening, your nice emails of support, your votes when needed, your feedback and kindness, your lovely words and you head nodding. I have appreciated it immensely.

The pic of me in the middle looks like I have buck teeth. weird.

I also wanted to thank the many many bloggy friends who have purchased something from one of my shops or just straight from me, or who have had an idea and asked me to make it for them. It means a lot to me that you would swap your hard earned dollars for something that came out of me head...And to everyone I did swaps with, or who just sent me something to be nice, that was really very lovely and meant so much to me. To everyone who sent me little private emails to confide in me, I felt honoured and humbled that you would trust me with your secrets and I have held them close.  To all those late night emails and silliness and private jokes I have shared with so many of you, it has been ace, and I wanted to say thank you.
See you soon, hopefully my mojo/ sewjo will return soon... and I think, I absolutely must, and will be visiting Melbourne next year. Stay tuned. 


  1. What an awesome collection of crafty loveliness!!
    Yay for coming to Melbourne.
    When are we having lunch???

  2. I'm coming to lunch with you and Andi too!
    And you so are an artisi and a designer and an ace chickie who have I LOVED chatting to and getting to know this past year. X

  3. What a wonderful compendium of your creative space photos, and oh lordy I can't believe you made so many rattles! Looking forward to more awesomeness in your space next year. :)

  4. It's been an absolute pleasure and delight for me to get to know you.
    I can't wait til you come to Melbourne! Hope I might be able to join in the lunch too xo

  5. You are a most talented artists Cath, that is for certain, and that mjo will return and dazzle us all!
    I have loved getting to know you this year, and it was great to meet you, albeit briefly.
    Have a great Chrissy.

  6. Wow! What a lot of crafty goodness! and what an excellent idea to do a creative space round-up! Thank you for your wonderful posts this year Cath - you've put a smile on my face many times :) Happy holidays! Kx

  7. I think that lunch venue will need to be pretty big... I have loved getting to know you, and being inspired by you (and getting to give my dad your cushion and see him use it straight away...).
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas... see you soon! xo

  8. Merry Christmas Cath. I know just the place for lunch for an interstate celebrity like yourself. Mwah.

  9. Better book a big venue for that lunch my dear..... I'll be there with bells on.
    Thanks for letting us peek into 2010 with you Cath. You already know how I feel about you. I think you are a terrifically talented maker, not just because you make excellent stuf but you continue to try new things and you think and worry and fret about your making,
    You are an artist - really and truly.

  10. you are just simply awesome Cath!
    agree with the others & you definitely feel for your craft.
    cannot wait to meet you, hope you don't get frightened off by all these wonderful people wanting to meet you.
    all the very best for the new year & thanks for the therapy along the way ♥ BIG hugs

  11. love love love the creative space round up - how cool! so many amazing things you've made! Have a gorgeous christmas and new year Cath - thank you for all your gorgeous comments on our blog too - means alot! have a blast of a time! see you in 2011. K xo


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