Saturday, January 08, 2011

Cooking: a blood sport.

Last night I decided to cook dinner.  ( just allowing a moment for the shock to set in).

Regular readers of this blog will know this is not something that happens very often as fortunately for me I married a wonderful Chef. I was making a kind of lentil/ tomatoe stew thingy ( its really nice, Chef reckons too). As I was opening a can of organic (this is important later) lentils tragedy struck. Somehow during the opening of said can , it slipped and without going into details there was blood. A whole lotta blood. Along the base of my thumb.

Trying not to panic but with an increasing sense of anxiety, I was waiting for it to start hurting and it wasn't, convinced I was going into shock I forced myself to look at what I had done ( Chef,  kitchen cuts' expert had wrapped it in a towel and was applying pressure) and it was deep- I felt wooooozy.... why wasn't it hurting?

In my mind all kinds of horrifying thoughts like- what if I can never stitch again?? Is it not hurting because I have cut some nerve in half or something?

We drove to the local hospital. We saw a lovely doctor who stitched it up, 4 stitches. My first stitches. Very neat stitching, I might add, beautifully done.

And why didn't it hurt? It was a clean cut. And the lentils were organic. We summised the universe was cutting me some slack.

So no stitching for me for a few days, but all will be fine after that. My stitching hand will make a full recovery. PHEW!

And the silver lining? No washing up for a week.


  1. So there is a silver lining to the whole cooking thing then?

  2. Upon reading your title alone the hairs on my neck stood up! Ack! Has it begun to hurt yet?
    Well, I suppose this just goes to show that one should go organic :)

    On another note, I don't think I've ever even seen canned lentils...I must have but, my mind is not recalling it at all. Hmmmm, must investigate.

    Glad you will be alright!

  3. Yikes!! I wish your cut a speedy recovery & get back to your stitching. I hate blood I kinds of went tingly when I read this post. Kylie x

  4. ooh you need to listen to the Jens Lekman song "your arms around me".

    Go on trust me !

  5. Jodie that is GOLD, if anyone wants to here it go here:

  6. OMG must have been that good organic karma for sure!

  7. OUCH !! You poor thing, but hey no washing up for a week is pretty exciting- I think you could milk it to 2...

  8. Oh you poor sausage. I reckon TBW is right. Milk it for 2 weeks.

    Good thing the Dr could "stitch your stitcher"

    Happy Saturday.


  9. i hope it continues to not hurt!
    and yay, no washing up, that IS a silver lining!

  10. chef here... since when have you washed up anyway my love...

  11. Hope the pain stays away, or at least stays bearable, and that you heal up fast!
    (and having a little giggle at chef's comment!) xo

  12. Ooooh-eeeer! That's the world telling you no need to cook- leave it to the Chef!Hope you are back to fully functional soon.

  13. Yeouchy! Hand things are aweful, so many nerve endings. And pardon my ignorance but why did it make a difference that they were organic?? X

  14. Ow ow ow ow!!!! Which is pretty much what I would have said over and over again with different words (depending on whether their were children within ear shot). Hope the stitches heal quick.

  15. and that is why I don't cook!
    ouchhh, hope it's not hurting now, glad you are ok.

    many a time I have tried to cook & got out the knife..(which is always sharp) and have cut something besides veggies!

    many hugs, hope you get looked after ♥b

  16. no washing up for a week!!??? WOOHOOO! I love that you took the time to ntice the precise stitching LOL Seriously though, glad it wasnt to bad :)

  17. oh, good lord. stay right away from the cooking from now on. so glad you're ok.

  18. Heehee - love Chef's message!!

    I recommend you stick to the sewing machine my friend ;)

    Glad you are ok.



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