Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grateful: A whole stack of it.

I am grateful that Chef seems to have a very mild case of The Fever ( or fever las vegas as we are calling it ). So mild in fact that he has gone on the much planned for trip to Tassie with his mate, driving another mates van and boat back to Tassie.

I am grateful that Chef has cooked me so much food for the week because he knows I will have Lindt chocolate for dinner otherwise. Thanks Chef. xx ( he also made sure I was stocked with chocolate too)

I am grateful for choosing such a great husband.

I am grateful for the encouragement I got the other day. ( thank you!)

I am grateful that Busy is being good while I solo parent for a week. It is only day 2 but so far so good. I am grateful that I got to see her in 3D glasses today when we went to see Gnomeo and Juliett ( well three quarters of it- which was fine - I know how it ends!) - hilarious.

I am grateful that on Monday our time something really big is going to happen for My Bearded Pigeon ( about 6 weeks earlier than I thought and of course the week Chef is away!!!)

But mostly I am grateful that I found this dress today and now it is mine.  It is beautifully embroidered, my photo is not doing it justice...

Sure it is not a patch on this creation by Kylie- (go and look at it- it is so fabulous!) and yes it cost me more than I should have spent but I DESERVE it!!! ( it wasn't crazy expensive Chef- honest and at least I am not telling you I bought it ages ago. I am being honest!)

Come back Monday morning and I can show you the big feature- or I may be too busy..... or maybe nothing at all will happen. EeeeK!!!! ( I don't know which one scares me more)


  1. Well now I'm really jealous, a Kylie dress, meals for a week and chocolate!
    And I'm very excited to see what your Monday news is, not sure if I can wait - go the pigeon :-)

  2. yay Cath! looking forward to your news on Monday & you soo deserve that dress.
    lucky girls, I know the perks of having our own personal chef at home & would not swap him for anything.
    enjoy your week, Busy be good to mamma chooky ♥

  3. Oh I LOVE it!! And I totally think you deserve it. The Bearded Pigeon business definitely should have a few perks.
    So pleased to hear your boy is not too bad. And that your princess is behaving and you are eating. Yay! X

  4. A wonderful giant bowl of grateful Miss cath.
    i am grateful that i will soon get to meet you "in the flesh'

  5. That dress is exquisite! Oh, now I can't wait till Monday...

  6. oooh sounds exciting. Well done Cath and happiness in all that grateful x

  7. That dress is so stunning! But even more stunning in the sweetness that is Chef cooking you meals to tide you over while he is away. That's true love right there, Cath. So happy for you (and, of course, there will still be room for Lindt!!) x

  8. Lovely dress, and already excited for tomorrow... I hope you only have good-scary things on your plate from now on...

  9. That dress is stunning! Glad to hear your man is doing ok with a mild case of the fever, phew! You have a wonderful list of grateful there..and congratulations on your feature, brilliant!!

  10. That's a beautiful dress! Thanks for reminding us how lucky we all are to have our family and friends and lovely food so easily available. We should all be grateful. ♥

  11. Wow! Love the dress, it's divine, so much detail and a beautiful colour. Loving the love lady!


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